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Care Packages
Our family does accept and appreciate care
packages. Sometimes parcels sent directly to Africa will make it to the recipient (eventually), but it is typically better to correspond with us to arrange to have someone bring a package along with them when they come to visit. Visitors fly to Togo frequently, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone to help with this.
We provide some ideas here on this page (see below).

Please feel free to reach out to us to coordinate a care package for the family!

Support Network

Smart Sweets

This is a brand of gummy candies that we are permitted to have (in moderation).

Our favorites are the Red Twists, Sourmelon Bites, Peach Rings, and Sweet Chews.


Choc Zero

This is a brand of sugar-free chocolate products that we prefer.

Our go-to products include their baking chips (all varieties), Chocolate Squares (white and milk), Peanutbutter Cups (all), Chocolate Syrup, and Maple Syrup


Super Coffee

We are able to drink coffee unsweetened but do enjoy a nice sweet cream from time to time. These sweet creamers are sugar-free. Our favorites are caramel, hazelnut, and sweet cream.


Doma Coffee

Finding good coffee in Togo can prove challenging. We cherish any that is imported for us but do have a few favorites. Our favorite Doma coffees so far are Virgil's and Marco's, but we'll go for almost any medium or dark roast from any company (whole bean).


Magic Spoon

Cold cereal is a rare treat, but there are some brands we can use without breaking our diet. Our favorite Magic Spoon varieties are Peanut Butter, Fruity, and Blueberry. If those aren't available, any flavor will do!


Fat Snax

Fat Snax makes cookies and crackers that our family is allowed to eat. Anything from them would be a welcome treat.



Snacks that are generally safe would be crisped cheese, dried meats, and nuts (without additives). Really anything that is considered keto should work.

The children would also likely appreciate arts and crafts or other small toys and games. See the supplies list for more ideas.

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