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Support Network

We are in need of a committed group of believers who are willing to pray for our family on a regular basis. If you are interested in joining our team of prayer warriors, please let us know.

More than that, we would ask you to consider how you might serve both at home and on the foreign field. If you are medical or have any trade skill (mechanic, builder, hairdresser, teacher, pastor, etc.), consider serving in Togo for a short time (weeks or months). There is almost certainly a place for you.

Back in the USA, we need people who are ready and able to host us periodically while we are in the States, those who know of services that are available to us, and those who can meet specific needs. This will vary depending on multiple factors, but please reach out to us if you are gifted in hospitality or know of some way that you might be able to help.

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