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This list applies more to those who are planning to come visit us in Togo, though you may be able to include some of these in care packages if there is room enough.


If you are coming to Togo and have extra space in your luggage, please correspond with us to find out about current needs

Otherwise, this is a general list of items that will almost always be useful that you can bring for us (see below).

Support Network

General Gift Ideas for Missionaries

Duracell batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V)



Art supplies in bulk (crayons, pencils, paints, coloring books)

Toothbrushes and paste in bulk

Chapstick in bulk

Medications (pain, allergy, rash creams)


Food/snacks (see care package instructions)

Simple sports equipment (balls, ball pump)

Here is a current Amazon Wishlist for our family

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